Minor sixth interval

Minor sixth in musical notationThe minor sixth interval consists of two notes with eight semi-steps distance. For example, C to Ab note will result in this musical interval.

The minor sixth interval is abbreviated m6 (an alternate spelling is augmented fifth). Related is the major sixth, which is abbreviated M6
Keyboard minor sixth interval 
A minor sixth C to Ab on the keyboard.

Listen to minor sixth interval (C-Ab):

This interval is rare in chords. You might think it would be included in the minor sixth chord, but it isn't. It is present in augmented chords though, but is referred to augmented fifth instead of minor sixth in these cases. For example, Caug consisting of the notes C, E, G#.

Ascending minor sixth intervals

A list with ascending minor sixth intervals:

Inversions of these intervals will result in major thirds.

Descending minor sixth intervals

A list with descending minor sixth intervals: